About Vietnamese Week

With the largest body of international students at APU, we proudly shape Vietnamese Week with our tremendous human resources to enhance the activities year by year. Officially established in 2003, throughout over a decade of growth and improvement, with an organizing team of over 200 members that attracts more than 3,000 visitors annually, Vietnamese Week has become one of the most distinctive cultural events at APU.

Not only serving as providing an environment for Vietnamese youth to bring Vietnamese culture closer to international friends by their talents, Vietnamese Week has never failed to satisfy not only students and professors, but also the citizens of Beppu City.

Throughout this one special week, APU’s campus is colored with Vietnamese national flags and is filled with diverse and captivating events which aim to spread out our distinctive culture. The festival ends with a Grandshow finale where nearly 1,000 audiences gather and witness the epitome of the week.


What's there in Vietnamese Week 2017?

Pre-week Event


70+ participants
This event aims to reinvigorate the image of Hoi An - a UNESCO Heritage, a famous tourism destination in Vietnam. Those who bear strong interests in Vietnam tourism might found this event very attractive since we try to simulate a lively and authentic image of Hoi An Ancient Town through various ways: Hoi An lantern decoration, photoshoot background, Hoi An’s meibutsu selling booths, and Hoi An’s ethnic food booth. Stay tuned
Date/Time/Venue: July 2nd - Kotoba House


500+ participants
This very first event in Vietnamese Week each year is always long-awaited by everyone. Parade comprises of various performances, usually showing Vietnamese traditional dance and modern dance, leaves the viewers with the good impression of the whole week.
Date/Time/Venue: July 3rd - APU Campus
Traditional Game Festival

Vietnamese Traditional Market

200+ participants
Organized in a very “Vietnamese” way, this market promises to bring the charm of Vietnamese traditional market to Japan, filling APU students with surprises and excitement through ethnic food, games and activities.
Date/Time/Venue: July 4th - APU Cafeteria
Mask and Lantern Decoration Workshop

Mask and Lantern Decoration Workshop

50+ participants
Lotus Lantern Workshop is a chance for participants to learn how to make Vietnamese unique Lotus Lantern, draw traditional mask. While enjoying the workshop, the participants are also invited to try Vietnamese tea and sweets.
Date/Time/Venue: July 5th - AP Hall
So you think you can speak Vietnamese?

So you think you can speak Vietnamese?

50+ participants
Following the successful result of last year Vietnamese speaking competition, this year, this event is held again, encouraging APU students to challenge themselves to speak Vietnamese. Through this chance, we hope international students have more interest in Vietnamese language as well as its culture. Like in any other show, there are amazing and exciting rewards: new friendships and an enhanced lingual ability.
Date/Time/Venue: July 6th - Student Hall

Vietnamese Week 2017 Grandshow

1000+ participants
Known as the final event of Vietnamese Week, Grandshow is always held on Friday. Although this is the last activity of the cultural week, Grandshow is proudly considered as the penalty shot, the deciding-factor for the success of Vietnamese Week. Each year, Grandshow has a different theme but never failed to satisfy the audience. This year Vietnamese Week Grandshow also promises to bring out the best experience to the viewers and increase the interest as well as love for Vietnamese culture.
Date/Time/Venue: July 7th - APU Millennium Hall

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